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New and On Going Projects

Indigenous people are the only ones in the world who demonstrate sustainability.

If we can't pay indigenous people for their carbon sequestration, why not buy products that helps promote and protect their culture?  Now you can.  These images are from the southern basin of the Amazon rain forest.  This remote village is part of the largest tract of protected tropical rain forest in the world.  It is about the size of New Zealand.   Frank Melli has a long term commitment to working with indigenous people understanding their relationships with nature is interdependent.

We believe sustainable business, gives back to nature.  So we have partnered with the best protectors of the rain forest.  Through your purchase, you are helping to promote an protect the Kayapo culture and tropical rain forest (the lungs of the world).

"Honoring Our Elders."  Shot in HD, the documentary is an exciting exposé on some hidden truths about the medical industry. It is eloquently told, in a very personal story of a life well lived.  Sub titled East Meets West, this accomplished pathologist M.D., turned back to his early childhood influences of natural medicine.  Fearlessly he tells the truth, about how and why we are over treated and over medicated as a standard operating procedure by the current day American main stream medicine.  Now running on Free Speech TV, from Frank Melli, producer of Meet The Farmer TV and hosted by Horace Scott.  For more info got to: http://HonoringOurEldersTV.com

Welcome to the “Honoring Our Elders” Project

Do you have a mom, dad, grandma or grandpa with an interesting story that's never been told on TV, that they might like to share?

Talking Stick Vid is producing a pilot for a TV series that honors our elders.

How do different cultures view honoring our elders?

What are the sociological benefits of honoring our elders?

What about the wisdom?

Tell us your ideas for subjects you think will make interesting stories for ”Honoring Our Elders.”

Look forward to hearing from you with your elder's stories.

Talking Stick Vid, Team Leaders

Send a very brief description of your elder's story to us at TalkingStickVid@gmail.com

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